Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smiles for Life Whitening Charity

Our office is privileged to be a part of the Charity Smiles for Life. It's your oppurtunity to help make a child smile by whitening yours!

How often do you get a chance to do something wonderful and easy for yourself, and make a difference in somebody else's life at the same time? Here's a chance. February thru June, Lakeside Dentistry will be donating all proceeds from whitening directly to Smiles for Life. This includes Zoom! In Office Whitening and costum made take-home whitening trays.

Your smile is professionally whitened and seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in your community (and around the world) get 100% of the money. YES, IT'S WAY COOL! Call today to schedule an appointment! Because there are kids waiting for you to whiten your smile!

This is part of an annual campaign organized by the Crown Council, an association of elite dentists throughout North America of which Dr. Heap is a member. Their charity organization has raised more than $20 million since it was organized in 1998. Visit the website Smiles for Life.


The Heaps said...

I think this is absolutely wonderful! Way to go Dr. Heap!

Max Sayi said...

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Jak Manson said...

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Jatinder Singh said...

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