Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worst Celebrity Smiles Round 2

The first time I did this it was one of our most popular posts so I thought it was worth doing again. I'll start with the "Not-So-Bad" ones and move on from there.

Avril Lavigne - Her teeth aren't horrible. In fact, it is really just her canines that look like fangs. It looks like this is partially because her front 4 teeth are tilted inward a little and the canines are pushed out a bit. This usually isn't a desired look for someone but with the recent popularity of the Twilight series, I'm thinking maybe people will try to get their teeth to look like this. Edward would be so excited.

This could be fixed really easily with braces. Because she is a celebrity, Invisalign braces may work best for her because they could be removed for performances.

Madonna - Okay, no big issue here except that you could "Vogue" your way straight through that gap in her front teeth. Isn't amazing how a mega-superstar would never get something like that fixed? But I guess if you are Madonna, you do whatever you want.

If she were so inclined to close the grand canyon, braces would do the trick. I say the metal ones just because I think it would be funny to see Madonna with wires and brackets. She could also do veneers but the teeth themselves are pretty so I'd hate to cut them down and cover them if we could just move them over and have them look great.

Jewel - This one has bugged me ever since high school. I hated seeing her video for "Who Will Save You Soul" on MTV and seeing this really cute girl singing with this crazy snaggle tooth sticking out. I am baffled that someone wouldn't have this fixed. Especially being in the spotlight all of the time.

All Jewel would need is braces. Invisalign might be able to do it but sometimes when teeth are really crowded, we have to go with metal braces. Should have thought of that before she was famous. Could be hard to pull off the braces look now.

Nelly - No real comment here. If I were to go with one metal tooth in the front it would probably be solid gold with diamonds or something. But maybe Nelly had this one done before being famous so he could only afford a tin or aluminum front tooth.

He should probably go up a couple sizes in hat as well because his doesn't quite seem to fit down all the way. Maybe he could only afford a children's size hat back then too. Poor Nelly.
If he decided on a more natural look, a porcelain crown would be the best treatment. They blend so well with the natural teeth that you can hardly tell they are in there.

Brooke Hogan - I don't really want to call her a celebrity but the picture is easy to comment on. Just a note to any of the young white girls reading this and hoping to star in a future reality show about your dysfunctional semi-celebrity family...avoid the silver/diamond grill on the front teeth. I have yet to see a preppy blonde girl pull this off.
I wonder if her dad Hulk Hogan is mad that she borrowed sunglasses from his arch rival the Macho Man Randy Savage. I guess I'm dating myself with that comment. If the younger readers need more info, please Google "Macho Man Randy Savage". You will understand.

Flava-Flav - Attention Brooke Hogan, this is how you pull off the full grill. It only works if you have matching necklaces and an enormous clock hanging around your neck.

You know how that conversation goes...

"Hey, Flav...what time is it?"

"What time is it? Let me check my clock. Its time to be a nasty 50 year-old dude with pimped-out teeth and a TV show where skanky chicks fight over the chance to rub their tongue on my solid gold incisors. That's what time it is."

That's why he is Public Enemy #1

I hope you enjoyed the post!